22 Jan

Presenting your home in the best light

Presenting your home in the best light

First impressions really do count!

According to research, potential buyers will form an opinion in the first 15 seconds, so it is important that it is a favourable one.

Some top tips!

• Declutter
• Carry out any minor jobs, touch up paint, replace fence panel, etc.
• Let in light
• Make sure temperature is correct, i.e. warm in winter and cooler in summer
• Keeping the garden tidy
• Wash down and paint front doors if they are looking tired
• Clean the windows
• Remove any dead plants
• Tuck any bins away in a tidy corner
• Clear out any weeds from the paths
• Replace any frayed or messy door mats
• If you have an outside light, make sure that they are working and switched on for evening viewings
• Try parking around the corner to give your potential buyer space to pull in as if they already lived there
• Tidy up abandoned flyers, post and newspapers etc. in communal hallways
• Present a useable room, i.e. keep a dining room for this purpose or dress a bedroom with a bed, etc.
• Make sure kitchens and bathrooms are sparkling
• Clean up any pet sleeping areas to avoid smells

Little things can make a big difference in creating the right impression.

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